Why choose cashmere?

Among the first preferences of women’s cashmere garments, today is considered the most valuable wool of the textile industry.The reason for this is that it has a bright appearance and softness. The garments made of this year, which can be used both in winter and summer, have become indispensable for cold winter days and nights.

Kasmir has thermal properties which are very light and natural wool. It is preferred for every season because it does not sweat during the summer months and it does not catch cold during the winter months. There is very little chance of allergy. It is a very high quality fabric. Kazakhs made of cashmere wool are of very high quality compared to those produced with other materials. Cashmere sweaters are 6 times more hot than Kazakhs obtained from sheep wool. Therefore, it is possible to say that cashmere sweaters are salvaged parts especially during the freezing cold winter days.

In the early days of autumn, we put together different cashmere suits and prepared a gallery.We think it will give you good ideas.Brief information about the products is also available.

women's cashmere cardigan sweaters on sale women's cashmere cardigan sweaters on sale
women's cashmere hoodie sweater

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