Finger knit baby hat models

You’ve never touched a knitting needle? No problem. You can finger knit a sweet just-for-baby photo prop in an hour.finger knit baby hat


Nothing but the wild blue yonder will do for your little bundle of adventure. So send her flying with this aviator-inspired headband. Instructions below

1)Headband: With brown yarn, finger knit two 4-stitch strands (each 12 inches long), leaving 12-inch tails at each end.

2)Goggles: With gray yarn, finger knit two 2-stitch strands (each 5 inches long). Roll each gray strand into a spiral, securing with hot glue. Weave in tails, and cut off any excess yarn.

3) Position spirals between brown strands, using photo as guide. Secure with hot glue.

4)Pinch brown strands together between discs to form goggles, securing with hot glue. Then glue inside edges of brown strands together on each side of goggles.
5)Using metallic yarn, backstitch frame and hardware detail, using photo as guide.

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