Sweet Baby Clothes and Informations

What type of clothing is the best for babies?

Natural fibres e.g. cotton, wool or bamboo are best.These natural fibres trap warm air while still letting moisture in and let warm air through.This makes baby cold damp.While cotton and wool clothes are more expensive to buy than those made with synthetic fabrics, if they are wased carefully they will last several babies.The more natural fibres baby’s clothing contains the better.Sone baby clothes are 50-80% blends of natural and synthetic fibres.

Pure wool clothing should be gently hand washed in warm water and a wool detergent. Dry the clothing can be washed in the washing machine.

Try to avoid drying clothing in a clothes dryer as it  can cause the clothing to shrink and matt. Shrunk and matted clothing is not as good at keeping baby warm and dry.

pink Babygirl Clothes

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pink Babygirl Clothes

How many layers of clothing should baby wear ?

A newborn baby(espicially in the winter) needs to wear a cotton and a wool singlet(vest), a gown (or stretch’n’grow), booties (or socks) and a cardigan. When baby is wrapped in a cotton or woolen cuddly blanket.Do not leave hot water bottles or wheat packs in bed with your baby as they could cause burns.

pink Babygirl Clothes


What should the  baby wear when going outdoors ? 

When baby is taken outside they will need to wear a hat and jacket over their clothe, and then be wrapped in a blanket.

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pink Babygirl Clothes booties


pink Babygirl Clothes booties

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