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Crochet bustier top patterns

The bustier is part of the outer clothing. It is a top strapless or shortened T-shirt on narrow straps. A very convenient wardrobe item in the hot summer days. Also, bustier is used as a part of the swimsuit, instead of the bodice. A top is made of different materials and in different ways. Delicate

Crochet socks ideas for beginners

For many beginners, the first associations with the phrase “warm socks”, connected with their own hands, will be the word; grandmother and knitting needles. However, beautiful warm or fishnet socks can be tied up with a hook! Today’s lesson will help you understand how to tie socks for yourself, for children, for your husband and

Crochet cardigan patterns for spring

Here comes the long-awaited spring time, the time of awakening of nature, warm sunny days and fragrant flowering of trees and herbs! However, the spring season is rather changeable and capricious; a breeze will blow, then a warm sun and utter calm, warmth in the daytime, but in the evening it’s already cool! What to

Crocheted cosmetic bags

Beautician for a long time and settled in handbags of modern women, because correct make-up is often enough throughout the day, and all cosmetics should be compactly packed and always be at hand. However, as a rule, all cosmetic bags are the same type, and in size they do not always fit, because at least

7 Easy shawl and scarf knitting patterns

Finding for yourself a perfect knitted shawl emphasizes beauty but can be a very difficult task. The variety of yarn, its colors sometimes staggering. To begin with, you need to decide which shawl you need; warm, light or delicate? This will determine the composition of the yarn used in the manufacture. Another important point is

Crocheted dresses with diagrams

Crocheted dresses with diagrams Knitted dresses are suitable for women with any shape. Different styles allow you to choose a model for a festive dinner. There are even knitted dresses of a strict, laconic style. Such will be the way in the office, at a business meeting. Openwork knitted dresses made by hand, look very

Crocheted jackets with diagrams

A woman’s jacket has always been in demand by women of fashion. Modified only the styles, colors. If you decide to fill up your wardrobe with a new jacket, then this article is for you! Especially if you want the jacket to fit perfectly in your figure. You can tie a jacket in a classic